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Present tense of the verb (Präsens).

Personal pronouns (Personalpronomen).

So, go! We know that there is a past, present and future. Let's start with the present. We will learn to build our sentences in the present tense, that is, we will master Präsens. There will be a lot of important information, and not only about verbs in the present tense.

The time of narration is determined by the time in which verbs are used. It is important.

In German, verbs are conjugated. Conjugate by faces and numbers. To conjugate a verb, we need personal pronouns.

In this lesson we will get to know them and get to know each other. Personal pronouns constantly appear in German speech. They are used in order not to burden the narrative by repeating nouns or proper nouns. Point to them, but do not call.

Table №1.1. Personal pronouns.

Personal pronouns
1st person
Die 1. Person
2st person
Die 2. Person
3st person
Die 3. Person
ich - I du - you (appeal to the person on an equal footing or elder to the younger)
Sie - You (polite form)
er/sie/es - he/she/it
wir - we ihr - you (plural) sie - they

In speech, we need to distinguish between personal pronouns ihr - you и Sie - You. Pronoun ihr (2 plural) implies several persons, each of whom turn to "you". So they turn to a close circle of people, that is, to parents, children, friends. This also includes friends - schoolmates, institutes.

Pronoun Sie use when polite (official) treatment is expected «You» to one or more persons. This pronoun is always capitalized.

Below is a table with personal pronouns. So they are used to conjugate verbs. This listing order is visually very convenient for remembering.

Table №1.2.

ich - I
du - ты
er/sie/es - he/she/it
wir - we
ihr - you
sie/Sie - they/You

And in order not to get confused with faces and numbers, you can use such a table.

Table №1.3.

Singular 1 person ich - I
2 person du - you
3 person er/sie/es - he/she/it
Plural 1 person wir - we
2 person ihr - you
3 person sie - they
Polite form 2 person Sie - You

The 3rd person plural pronoun sie - they and the polite pronoun Sie - you are used with the same verb form, so for convenience they are written on the same line of the table.

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  • ich - я
  • du - ты
  • er - он
  • sie - она
  • es - оно
  • wir - мы
  • ihr - вы
  • sie - они
  • Sie - Вы (вежливая форма)