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4 lesson

Verb formation

Verbs are:

Table №4.1.

Verb formation
Simple Derivatives
(prefixes, suffixes)
Inseparable prefixes:
- unstressed,
- always written together
Detachable consoles - percussive.
In präsens, imperfekt, imperativ put at the end of the sentence.

- shock 1 part
- in präsens,
imperativ put at the end of the sentence
be -
ge -
ver -
zer -
ent -
emp -
miß -
ab -
an -
auf -
aus -
ein -
mit -
nach -
vor -
zu -
- ieren noun + глагол
verb + глагол
adverb + глагол
adjective + глагол
lernen - to study
spielen - to play
kommen - to come
bekommen - to receive
erlernen - to learn
vergessen - to forget
gefallen - to like
abholen - take away
abschreiben - copy off
aufmachen - to open
einschlafen - fall asleep
vorsagen - to prompt
studieren - to study
konstruieren - to construct, to build
stehenbleiben - stand still
spazierengehen - to walk
fernhalten - suspend

At simple verbs there are no prefixes or suffixes. That's why they are simple..

Derived verbs are most often obtained using prefixes, which are divided into inseparable and detachable. Even the name makes it clear that inseparable consoles are always written together. And detachable - are separated from the word in individual cases and run to the very end of the sentence.

Verbs with inseparable prefixes behave in the sentence in exactly the same way as simple verbs. Naturally, these groups of consoles need to be learned.

As in Russian, the prefix affects the meaning of the word and can change it beyond recognition, for example, kommen - to come, but bekommen - to receive.

With derived verbs formed by suffix -ieren, nothing surprising happens.

And here are complex verbs that combine two words, the first of which is discarded at the end of the sentence, “taking an example” from verbs with a detachable prefix. This does not always happen, but only in some situations. To begin with, remember that this happens with complex verbs and verbs with a detachable prefix in the present tense. Präsens.

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  • abholen - take away
  • abschreiben - copy off
  • aufmachen - to open
  • bekommen - to receive
  • einschlafen - fall asleep
  • erlernen - to learn
  • fernhalten - to suspend
  • gefallen - to like
  • konstruieren - construct, build
  • spazierengehen - to walk
  • spielen - to play
  • stehenbleiben - stand still
  • studieren - to study
  • vergessen - to forget
  • vorsagen - to prompt